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  • Get Satisfaction Community Manager Tip of the Week: Avoid Burnout

    Community manager avoid burnout tips

    Don’t end up like the guy on the right!

    Community Manager is still a relatively new title, and the role varies from company to company. While the daily tasks and requirements of this position are starting to get more specific, we can be left to pick up the loose odds and ends when there aren’t enough hands to go around. This might mean anything from diving into some marketing research, helping devs test for bugs, handing billing inquiries, and/or ordering catered lunch for your entire company.

    Community Managers are usually happy to help–it’s in our nature! However, sometimes in the blink of an eye, the list of things to do has quadrupled and all of a sudden you’re in over your head. So what happens next?

    Here are some tips to avoid the Community Manager burnout altogether:

    1. Ask for help.

    If you’re in over your head, the best thing to do is ask for help and to let others know that your plate is full. This is the simplest way to avoid work burnout. Many Community Managers don’t realize that their colleagues appreciate everything that they do and are happy to jump in when they are in need. You could ask for support from another person on your team, developers (or even your CTO!) regarding technical issues, and other departments within the company. You’re all a team, don’t forget that.

    2. Take breaks.

    Sometimes Community Managers sit at their desks and don’t move for hours while they manage all of the live feeds for their company. When the piping hot cup of tea you made to start the day has been untouched and is now cold, it means it’s time to get up and take a break. A lap around the building, a coffee run, or even chatting with another co-worker will help give you some more energy to finish your tasks for the day, so get up and move around!

    3. Unplug after office hours.

    What is a Community Manager’s typical work hours? Sometimes 24/7. We’re constantly checking Twitter feeds, email, and community updates…but sometimes you just need to unplug. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, have someone cover for you or be specific with your customers and tell then what your company’s official support hours are so they know when to expect an answer. Then go do something that you can’t do during work! Caty, our Senior Manager of Community, Support, and Education, bakes awesome cakes in her spare time and I like to work on my food blog (yes, we both love food!). Whatever you enjoy doing, do it and you will feel refreshed and less stressed when coming to work the next day–I promise!

    Community Managers work hard and sometimes forget to stop working altogether. Be sure to remember that work-life balance is essential to being productive in the workplace and to staying happy and healthy. Tell us your favorite thing to do outside of work in the comments!

    About Stephanie Au

    Stephanie Au, community manager for Get SatisfactionStephanie is one of the Community Managers in the Get Satisfaction Community. When she’s not hanging out in the GetSat Community or hoarding hummus and cheese at her desk, she’s probably searching for the best camping spots in the SF Bay Area or in her kitchen cooking and writing for her food blog, Life Tastes Like Food.

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    Stephanie Au

    About Stephanie Au

    Community Support Manager at Get Satisfaction. Specialties:Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe After Effects, Microsoft Office Suite, HTML, CSS, Endnote, Zoomerang Survey Generator, IRB Certified.


    1. Great advise and we actually bought a LiveStrong Eliptical for the home office so that it beeps every hour to remind me to hop on it to revive between the boards and demos:)

      Great read.


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