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    Community Manager Tip: Don’t Just Listen, HEAR Your Customers

    We constantly tell our customers that their opinion matters. They receive surveys after implementation, once they go live with the product, when they’ve contacted support … we are constantly telling them that we want their feedback. They know we are listening. But how do they know we hear them? (Yes, there is a difference, as is...
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    Unleash the Community Effect to Transform Your Business [Infographic]

    There’s something magical that happens when your company commits to the decision to launch a customer community. The conversations that happen there can be transformational for your business, as well as for your customers and prospects. Think about it. By investing in a community, you’re really investing in relationships with your customers. This is valuable...
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    Community Manager Tip of the Week: Encouraging Company-Wide Participation

    Community Managers are one of the most consistent liaisons between a company and its customers. CMs are in charge of keeping customers engaged and happy, relaying their ideas and feedback to the Product Team, and working with engineers to troubleshoot issues. But keeping a community happy, healthy, and efficient takes a village…or at least input...
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    Get Satisfaction’s New Manage Workspace and Community Application

    Today, we’re thrilled to announce that we’re rolling out two new products—the Manage Workspace and the new Community App. Together, these products improve the community experience for businesses and customers alike.  A year in the works, these improvements are based on six years of input, ideas, and use cases that have come from thousands of...
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    The Latest About Our Pricing and Packaging

    Since our inception in 2007, Get Satisfaction has been on the forefront of building customer-company relationships, and we’ve proudly built our company on principles of authenticity and openness. It is with that in mind that I’m writing to you to provide more information about our recent pricing and packaging changes, communicate the rationale behind them,...
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    3 Ways Community Brings Us Closer to Our Customers (Not Just Online)

    In a blog post this week, Marketo advocated building and maintaining a customer community program as a piece of your Marketing Bucket List to help you accomplish your high level marketing goals once and for all. The rational is that even if you’re getting people to buy you’re product, if you haven’t figured out a...
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