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  • Get Satisfaction’s New Manage Workspace and Community Application

    Today, we’re thrilled to announce that we’re rolling out two new products—the Manage Workspace and the new Community App. Together, these products improve the community experience for businesses and customers alike.  A year in the works, these improvements are based on six years of input, ideas, and use cases that have come from thousands of our customers. Here are the details:

    Manage Workspace

    Get Satisfaction manage workspace

    Community managers can do it all in the new Manage Workspace!

    Replacing the “management view,” the Manage Workspace is a completely reimagined product that consolidates all the moderation and curation functions that a community manager needs in one place. With a brand new look and grid layout, it’s easy to view and reply to conversations, create custom filters, take bulk moderation and curation actions, route conversations to other staff, and lots more. This is the first of a series of new “workspaces” we’re releasing that are optimized for business users to create more efficient workflows. With Community Health Analytics and other admin and configuration tools, the Manage Workspace is part of our new Community Management Console.

    The New Community Application

    responsive design

    The Community App is responsive-designed to look great on any screen size!

    We’ve also continued our work on the new Community Application, built on responsive design principles so members view your community in a layout that’s optimized for any screen size they’re accessing it from. New features, like category pages and related content, help members navigate the community easily and find what they need even faster than before. Along with new features to help discover content, the experience is overall more human. Members can see who likes, follows, or even votes up ideas, making it a more personal experience.

    The Community Effect

    Community, as we’ve long envisioned, is so much more than a support forum and so much more valuable than social media alone. Instead, community is a way to transform your business by aligning around the voice of the customer. We call this the “community effect.” Keep an eye out for a new series of communication from us describing the community effect, what it is, and how to harness it.

    We’re really excited for the rest of 2013 … we’ll be rolling out a series of product releases that together will comprise a whole new Get Satisfaction.  Thank you for going with us along this journey, sharing your feedback, and helping us grow into the community platform we are today!


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    Scott Hirsch

    About Scott Hirsch

    A member of the founding Get Satisfaction team, Scott Hirsch serves as Vice President of Product and Content Marketing. He is responsible for corporate messaging, content development for demand generation and sales enablement, and product packaging and pricing.


    1. Looks great! How do we get access to the new Manage Workspace view?

      • Hanna J

        Hi Christian, thanks for your feedback! Manage Workspace will roll out to everyone on July 29th. Be sure to let us know what you think. Thanks!

    2. This is so ridiculously kick ass. I hope Wendy broke out a huge bottle of champagne for everyone at the office!

      • Hanna J

        Hi Morgan, We will be doing quite a bit of celebrating once Manage Workspace goes GA on July 29th. Yes, that means champagne…and guacamole! (All the good stuff). Thanks for your support :).

    3. Hey Guys, are we still on for getting the new Manage Workspace today?

      • Hanna J

        Hi Rob, Thanks for checking in! We decided to hold it a day to make sure the kinks were ironed out before pushing it out. Sorry for the inconvenience. You should be seeing it in your community tomorrow. Be sure to let us know what you think!

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