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    The Social Shake Up Brings Social Enterprise Front and Center

    What happens when online community, social business strategy and digital customer care operations collide? The Social Shake-Up Conference 2013 in Atlanta on September 15-17th is the thought-leadership feast resulting from these key ingredients. This conference is a celebration of how social organizations are creating exciting new ways to connect people within and outside the enterprise...
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    Customer Centricity Separates Top CEOs from the Rest

    Vantage Leadership has developed a profile of the qualities that separate the top CEOs from the pack. The results are interesting and reinforce what many of us inherently feel—customer-centricity is key to leading a successful business. Or, in their words, top CEOs: Create a customer-centric sales model that focuses on what your customers actually want,...
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    How to Coax the Champion & Starve the Troll in Every Community

    Communities are made of people, and people are complex! In the community management industry we talk about Trolls and Champions, and yes, there are some online contributors who are pure gold and others who are pure trouble. More often, however, the people talking about your brand online have it in them to be your biggest...
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    How Community Fits into Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

    Inbound is the new black for marketers.  You may have heard of inbound marketing, a strategy that involves creating great content that is educational, helpful, interesting, and even entertaining.  This content doesn’t beg or buy its way to eyeballs….it earns them the old fashioned way. It’s no mystery why inbound marketing is so effective—in a...
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    Community Manager Tip of the Week: Network with Other Community Managers

    Social Media and networking pretty much come hand-in-hand when you’re a Community Manager. As CMs, it’s in our blood to talk to our customers, collaborate with other departments within our company, and promote our brand using social media on a daily basis. But the chance to connect with other Community Managers is especially awesome to...
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