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  • How to Coax the Champion & Starve the Troll in Every Community

    Communities are made of people, and people are complex! In the community management industry we talk about Trolls and Champions, and yes, there are some online contributors who are pure gold and others who are pure trouble.

    More often, however, the people talking about your brand online have it in them to be your biggest supporter or your most vocal critic. The way their comments are heard, responded to, and acted upon makes all the difference in which version of their personality comes out to play in your community. It’s the job of the community manager, then, to coax out the Champ and starve the troll in your online community. Here’s how it’s done:

    Get Satisfaction infographic trolls v champs

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    Hanna Johnson

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    Hanna is the Marketing Manager for Get Satisfaction. She spends her days connecting, educating, and inspiring curiosity in customers online and off. When she's not in the Satisfactory, she's likely on the move, seeking out new sights, flavors, and sounds. She blogs at TheRoadsToRoam.com.


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