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  • Deep Thoughts at Dreamforce 2013 (A Preview)

    This is the first video in our Deep Thoughts at Dreamforce Influencer Series. To click through the next videos, scroll to the bottom of this post. 

    One of our favorite things about Dreamforce (open bars and live music aside) is the people it draws and the wealth of knowledge, experience, and perspectives that they bring.  Seriously, when else do you get founders, analysts, media, investors, CEOs, young professionals, and everyone in between together with the sole purpose of talking and learning about technology.

    We knew what an opportunity this was, so we tracked down the thought leaders we most look up to and asked them pointed questions about the state of the industry — everything from providing an outstanding customer experience, to selling and building influence in the economy. The answers range from the insightful, thought-provoking, outrageous, hilarious, and candidly honest.

    We’ll be releasing the videos responses each week right here on the Social Studies Blog. Use the links below to navigate to the most recent videos:

    Don’t Confuse Business Popularity with Influence (Vala Afshar)

    The Best Time to Start Swearing at Your Customers

    You Have No Choice But to Market through Conversation (Michael Fauscette)

    Customer Conversations are Key to Your Business (Dr. Natalie Petouhoff)


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    1. What honest, specific and actionable insights –kudos to the Get Satisfaction team for this video-as-customer-serving-primer

      • Hanna J

        Thanks, Kare! Stay tuned. There will be a new video interview coming from each of our experts every week. And you better believe they have some great things to say…

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