• Don’t Confuse Business Popularity with Influence

    “Customer experience is a collection of memories. What you want to do to build a remarkable company is to hire and keep memorable people, train them, give them the best tools, and then empower them to delight,” said Vala Afshar, Chief Marketing Officer for Extreme Networks.

    Afshar runs marketing now, but his previous ten years of experience are in customer service. This amalgamation of customer service and marketing lends a customer-centered flair to Extreme Networks’ brand. It’s indicative of the larger industry trend of competitive differentiation by providing an outstanding customer experience.

    “The lessons we learned in customer service and support in terms of earning trust and building influence by being helpful is what we’re trying to apply in terms of influence marketing, which really stems from investing in the community and believing an ethos that understands that true thought leadership exists in the field,” Afshar shared with us at Dreamforce 2013.

    Watch the video below to learn what else he had to say! And check back next week for the next video in the series, The Best Time to Start Swearing at Customers (you can also check out the series preview for a sneak peek about what else is in store)!

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    1. Thanks for posting the video!

      • Hanna Johnson

        Hi Paul, glad you liked it! We’ll be posting the next one in the series this coming Tuesday, and it’s a great one. Hope you’re able to check it out :).

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