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  • How to Host the Perfect Customer Experience

    Customer experience is all the rage now…and it should be, with recent studies showing that customer experience leaders outperform the S&P 500 by 28.5%. But what exactly is customer experience, and how can you distinguish your company as one of its leaders? With proper attention to the right details, it’s not as hard as it sounds. The infographic explains how to pull it off without a hitch:

    deliver the perfect customer experience

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    Hanna Johnson

    About Hanna Johnson

    Hanna is the Marketing Manager for Get Satisfaction. She spends her days connecting, educating, and inspiring curiosity in customers online and off. When she's not in the Satisfactory, she's likely on the move, seeking out new sights, flavors, and sounds. She blogs at TheRoadsToRoam.com.


    1. It was impossible to read the print or expand the graphics to a larger readable document, not of much value!

      • Hanna Johnson

        Hi Greg,

        If you click on the graphic it should take you to a new screen which shows the infogrpahic in its entirety. In that view, the text is even smaller than in the post. You’re right — not helpful. But if you click on it again it zooms in. You can repeat that to get it as big as you want. Does that help? Let me know if it works for you. Thanks!


    2. Yes – your tip worked – thanks Hanna!! I used Ctrl + to zoom in, but your solution was better. :)

      • Hanna Johnson

        Great! Glad you were able to access the content. Always great to have more trick up our sleeves to bypass pesky tech limitations ;).

    3. It is all about creating a positive customer experience. This is great! And thanks for the instructions to help me zoom in on it.

    4. It makes sense to be the “host with the most” when you try to appeal to customers. It’s not much different than having a party – other than the fact the stakes are higher when you’re trying to earn a living. Great post.

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