• Customer-Centricity is Challenging…and Attainable.

    Chuck-BrodyWhat does it take to become a customer-centered company? It’s a question we think about a lot here at Get Satisfaction, and we wanted to know your thoughts…so much so that we offered a Kindle Fire to the person with the answer that most resonated with us and other community members (see more information about our winner below).

    Most companies today would claim to be a customer-centric brand…at least in the “About Us” page on their website. Actually living up to that value, however, is challenging and takes more intention than the re-writing of company messaging. For one thing, rigid organizational processes, policies, and culture that inhibit customer-centricity are deeply rooted in many companies. And the bigger an organization is, the more difficult it can be to uncover and uproot those counterproductive elements to create the necessary change.

    Not only do we strive to be a customer-centric company here at Get Satisfaction, but our software helps customers who actively embrace their community achieve that goal as well (for more information about how community helps with that goal, check out our white paper, The Art of Community Management: Becoming a Customer Experience Leader). So it’s important to us to understand what it really means to be a customer-centric business and what it takes to actually become one.

    Recently we reached out to our community to ask all of you what you think — What does it take to create a customer-centered business? The replies gave us a sense of the wide range of tactics, strategies, and imperatives for achieving such a goal.

    Our winner, Chuck Brody, received a Kindle Fire as a prize for his winning answer. Take a look at what he had to say, and stay tuned. We’ll be reaching out to our community to get your perspective on top-of-mind questions all year. We can’t wait to hear what you have to say.

    The contest question:

    What does it take to create a customer-centered business?

    Chuck’s reply:

    Creating a customer-centered business requires ears that listen objectively and critically to the customer, conscience that prohibits an insincere semblance of commitment, and good balance to cross and close the “say/do gap” between what the customer wants and what the organization can deliver and stay in business.

    About Chuck Brody:

    Kindle Fire winner, Chuck Brody.

    Kindle Fire winner, Chuck Brody.

    Chuck applies over 20 years of diverse experience as an enterprise IT leader and management consultant helping organizations conceive, design and deliver technology solutions to improve business performance and reduce operating risk.  Employers and clients span global Fortune 100 companies in banking, media and publishing, high tech, marketing, and transportation as well as non-profits and privately held businesses.



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    Hanna Johnson

    About Hanna Johnson

    Hanna is the Marketing Manager for Get Satisfaction. She spends her days connecting, educating, and inspiring curiosity in customers online and off. When she's not in the Satisfactory, she's likely on the move, seeking out new sights, flavors, and sounds. She blogs at TheRoadsToRoam.com.


    1. Great write-up Hanna and congrats to Chuck as I know he will love the new Kindle app “Mayday” like I do:)


      I think you are spot on in this statement,”our software helps customers who actively embrace their community achieve that goal as well”, That = Customer Centric, as if we did not embrace Get Satisfaction from day 1 as our “Community Lobby” of sorts I would have not been as involved as I am today in answering our subscribers questions, problems or ideas.

      We often talk about how your software kinda forces our team to be open in all matters as there is really no where to hide from a member as is the case in the lobby of the Four Season’s down the road from us @cazoomi. You are right there for each member to ask a question of and our product leads, support and sales are all required to get in there to join our subscribers in their quest for the “perfect” sync if you will.

      Again love the blog & HNY from all of us @cazoomi and looking forward to another stellar year in tandem with your team @getsatisfaction:)


      • Hanna Johnson

        Hi Clint,

        Happy New Year, and thanks for your comment! It’s great to hear how your community is helping you live out the goal of being a more customer-centric company. I love the analogy of the community being as transparent as a hotel lobby.

        We’re big fans of the Cazoomi community, so we’ll be looking forward to seeing how you use it in 2014 to continue building awesome relationships with your customers.

    2. Hanna, you may like to visit http://www.customerthink.com/article/let_your_customers_inspire_you_four_stages_of_customer_centric_journey

      The post offers an excellent roadmap for an organization that wants to become customer centric.

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