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  • You Have No Choice But to Market through Conversation

    This post is part of the Deep Thoughts at Dreamforce Series of candid interviews with customer experience thought leaders. You can view the other videos in the series here.

    “It’s not that customers’ expectations have changed, but that their expectations of having their expectations met have changed,” said Michael Fauscette, Group VP of the Software Business Solutions group at IDC.

    Today’s customers are better informed than they’ve ever been, and they’re more skeptical of your marketing messages. These changes in the customer mindset mean that businesses must adapt and shift how they interact. It’s no longer enough to broadcast — companies must build trust by engaging customers in conversation and acting as reliable sources of information.

    Watch the video of customer experience thought leader, Michael Fauscette, to learn how to build loyal relationships with your customers (you can also go back to the beginning to watch the other videos in our Deep Thoughts at Dreamforce series).

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