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  • When the Voice of the Customer Calls, Answer it!

    This cartoon is the second in a series of Community Management cartoons we’ll be posting every day this week. You can view the first here, and be sure to check back in tomorrow!


    Today’s C-Suite executives know that they’re supposed to be “customer-centric.” This belief is supported by intuition, customer feedback, and cold hard metrics (big ones). But actually walking the customer-centricity talk is not the most intuitive thing for many executives who’ve been in business for a long time (…to put it gently. Dr. Natalie has a more direct way of saying it in this video).

    Becoming a more customer-focused company takes engaging with customers in conversation early and often. This requires more than loquaciousness, though; it takes real systems in place for listening, analyzing, responding, and acting on what they say. A customer community is a great way to create the organizational transformation required for those types of systems to take hold. If you’re not sure how to get started, check out our Success Kit for building a customer-obsessed business.

    How is your company building a customer-centric culture?

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    1. Great post and cartoon. It is very important to start the conversations with your customer early to understand and engage with them.

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