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  • Customer Experience: A How NOT To Guide [Cartoon]

    This cartoon is the third in a series of Community Management cartoons we’ll be posting every day this week. You can view the first and the second here, and be sure to check back in tomorrow for the fourth!

    customer service cartoon

    Who are we kidding? Today’s customers don’t knit, and they’re certainly not this patient. They no longer have to be since their options are far from limited. The experience people have with your company is the main differentiating factor between whether they remain loyal, long-term customers, or whether they seek out other options. Provide service like the company in the cartoon above to guarantee the result is the latter. For more information on how you can provide the type of service that modern customers expect, take a look at IDC analyst, Michael Fauscette’s, whitepaper, Customer Community for a Complete Customer Experience Strategy.

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