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  • Use Communication to Create a Culture of Trust and Collaboration

    This video is from our Deep Thoughts at Dreamforce Influencer series. Watch the other videos from the start of the series here

    “The gravitational pull is not towards collaboration. It is towards a competitive nature. It is towards win-lose, not win-win,” said Wendy Lea of Get Satisfaction.

    Collaboration doesn’t all of a sudden appear, said Lea. It’s an evolving process where all parties grow to understand the following:

    • The needs of individuals, both personally and professionally.
    • The levels of influence of your colleagues and peers.
    • The skills of your peers.

    These three dimensions build on each other. While there won’t be a moment where you suddenly “achieve” collaboration, you can see a moment of hockey stick growth.

    “The hockey stick moment really has to do with trust,” said Lea. “Trust is not something you can make happen. The reason is trust has to evolve based on individuals’ understanding.”

    You achieve that level of trust with the collective and ongoing understanding of each other’s needs, influence, and skills. Once trust is achieved, it’s fragile.  It’s easy for it to be violated, warned Lea.

    Upon seeing that moment of hockey stick growth, is there something you can do to “double down” and maintain that trust so it’s not broken?

    Lea said transparent and authentic communication allows you to double down. The more you talk openly about collective interests, the more trust can build.

    Given that we live in a distributed world we must lean on tools like Get Satisfaction and Salesforce’s Chatter for efficient communications that reinforces trust and ultimately builds collaboration.

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