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  • Community Managers are the Superheroes of Customer-obsessed Businesses

    On Community Manager Appreciation Day last month, we discussed how Community Managers are the superheroes of their organizations. The reasons for this were obvious — their diplomacy, tact, judgment, and responsibility to both their customers and brand are unparalleled. But then last week we attended the CMX Summit in San Francisco, and our respect and appreciation were taken to a whole new level.

    Represented were people like Emily Castor, Lyft’s Director of Community Relations, who is using rituals to build a shared sense of identity for their community, or Dr. David McMillan, creator of the Sense of Community Theory, which is a guiding force for our entire industry. Just a couple examples — the wealth of knowledge, experience, and scientific strategy of the speakers and audience members was a strong, constant theme all day. The stories illuminated the true, tangible impact that fostering a strong community has on a business. They also touched on the unique challenges of the role, something which is too often left out of the conversation. Thank you to all the speakers and Community Managers in the audience, for reminding us just how super you are. This infographic is our tribute to you:

    CMAD infographic

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    1. thank you for this article it help me much than any articlr else

    2. It’s nice to be looked at as a hero, but surely the Community Manager is the person responsible for spreading the message. they are Journalists rather than heroes that can solve Customer problems.

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