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  • Koodo Mobile is Killing it. Here’s Why.

    Koodo is Canada's most recommended TelecomA recent TechVibes article about Koodo Mobile, Canada’s most recommended telecom, sparked my interest. Koodo seems to have figured out the magic formula — they  are providing amazing customer self-service, with 99.6% of customers find answers in their customer community (seriously). This ridiculous self-service rate is allowing Koodo to increase their call deflection by 44% year-over-year.

    You might think that all this customer self-service would be bad for customer satisfaction, but in reality it’s just the opposite. They’ve won the JD Powers Award for Customer Satisfaction three years running. Not only are their customers satisfied, they think Koodo is killing it.

    Those are outrageously impressive metrics, driven in large part by their Senior Manager of Digital and Social, Nathan Roth (you can watch a video of Nathan presenting on his strategy here). Nathan is one of those people who not only sees the potential social technologies have to transform business, he’s invested the time, energy, and resources towards making them work for him. And oh, they are working.

    Nathan Roth

    Koodo’s Nathan Roth 

    The truth is, getting these kinds of results from a customer community is not as simple as turning it on. It takes thoughtful strategy, a company that is dedicated to embracing the way their customers want to interact online, and thoughtful nurturing. But it’s worth investing because the results, as Koodo proves, can be amazing.

    Interested in learning more about how to build a customer self-service model like Koodo’s? Watch the video of Nathan presenting at TSW and download our eBook on Customer Self-service here.

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    1. Our business is in an area where Koodo advertises a lot. Outside of this impresive customer service model (Which saves them money and turns fans into evangelists.), they are also a cut-price provider that means their savings are passed on directly to customers.

      • Hanna Johnson

        Hi Craig, exactly! Everyone wins. That is the beauty of the customer self-service model that they’ve built. Thanks :).

    2. I appreciate hearing your perspective on the importance of restoration. I agree with your message and hope other trainers take plenty of time to read it and realize that promoting time to recover is as important as time spent working out.

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