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    How do you build a company that continually creates value, attracts smart people, and stands out for being exceptional?

    If you’re TED-Ed — the educational arm of TED that produces Lessons Worth Sharing — you do this by giving your audience a key role in your content, from concept, to production, to distribution (to learn how they’re doing this, join their webcast April 3rd!).

    It works like this: TED invites all their “TEDsters,” — teachers, students, parents, life-long learners, and animators who bring TED-Ed lessons to life — to their community. There they collaborate around ideas for lessons. Teachers connect with animators to bring awesome, engaging lessons to life. Animators suggest lessons they’d like to work on, collaborate with subject matter experts to flesh out the story line, and sync up with teachers and other learners to distribute the content.

    The co-creation and collaboration this enables is having a huge impact on TED-Ed, the TEDsters, and their joint ability to spread their lessons out into the world. One video, which resulted from the collaboration described above, received 1.1 Million views in the first three days (more about that story here)! That is the power of co-creation and collaboration — better, more interesting content produced with the help of an audience that’s already bought-in to the concept and is excited to share the outcome!

    To learn more about how TED-Ed has built a tightly knit community that helps them innovate for the best content around, join the webcast with Jordan Reeves, TED-Ed Community Manager, on April 3rd at 10 am PT/ 1pm ET.

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