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    The Perfect Recipe for Success: A Dash of Fear and a Heaping Scoop of Long Term Vision!

    We are in for another round of inspiration with the Get Satisfaction Leadership Speaker Series. The Satisfactory welcomes Rob Bernshteyn, CEO at Coupa Software, a long-time friend of our CEO, Rahul Sachdev.

    Rob Bernshteyn joined Coupa Software in 2009. Since becoming the CEO, he has led Coupa to a 100% revenue growth and 95% customer renewal rate for the past four years. Needless to say, we are dying to know his secret!

    With over 18 years experience in the software industry, Rob joined Coupa from SuccessFactors where he was a member of the executive management team and ran Global Product Marketing & Management. He played a key role in helping the company scale from an early start up to a successful public company. Prior to that, Rob directed Product Management at Siebel Systems, where he helped build Siebel ERM into one of the company’s fastest growing product lines.

    With that kind of success track record, we know why Rahul invited Rob to come speak to us about his experiences! And we now believe Rob when he says “innovation is the key to company growth”.

    We found a few things from Rob’s talk that stood out and aligned with our philosophy of how we interact with our customers.

    Best Practices

    Reflecting on his own best practices, Rob says that he creates stringent to-do lists to help keep him organized and at the end of the day asks himself: “How did I move the ball forward today? How have I helped change the company today?” With a desire to prove something, Rob explained to us that he is committed to becoming a better version of himself and with that, becoming a better leader for Coupa.

    Many of Rob’s success stories are based on the framework that in order to achieve greatness we must dedicate ourselves to improving daily both personally and as a company. As we all sat listening at the Satisfactory, we began to realize that this is exactly how Get Satisfaction interacts with its customers. The idea of daily improvements helps to make Rob a great leader and aligns perfectly with Get Satisfaction’s leadership role in online customer communities.  We are constantly improving, innovating, and encouraging each other positively. Rob just helped to reaffirm our vision—enabling a world where customers can gain the maximum value of the brand.

    Stay Positive

    According to Rob, there is no room at any company for negativity—only positive thinking. He emphasizes the importance of teammates and that being a good teammate can also mean telling someone that they are being too negative! Rob’s example of encouraging positivity went something like this: “Dude, you’re being totally negative right now. We don’t need that in this meeting!”

    Rob even described the ambiance at the Get Satisfaction office as a positive place to work and that he could feel the good vibes right when he walked in! The Satisfactory is a great place to work, if we do say so ourselves, but we also pride ourselves on being a great team of people for our customers to talk to.

    What Extra Resources?

    Rob says that a lack of resources is not an excuse but instead an opportunity! Throughout his career Rob has asked himself, “what can we do to differentiate ourselves in the marketplace without having access to the number the resources that big corporations have?” This is where creative thinking and innovation come in. With noticeable enthusiasm, Rob says that a lack of resources is what makes start-ups great! A lack of resources is what makes for smart and quick thinkers—like us at Get Satisfaction!

    Here at Get Satisfaction we use these monthly meetings to realign ourselves internally to pinpoint our vision as a company. We’ve got inspiration! We’ve got positivity! We’ve got satisfaction!

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    1. Rahul Sachdev

      It was great to hear Rob talk about Coupa Software’s company culture and how it has contributed to the company’s success over the last 5 years. Rob is correct – creativity is the best way to overcome constraints. People come across constraints all the time and most people treat them as blockers. Innovators treat them as opportunities and turn them into solutions.

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