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    Hanna Johnson

    About Hanna Johnson

    Hanna is the Marketing Manager for Get Satisfaction. She spends her days connecting, educating, and inspiring curiosity in customers online and off. When she's not in the Satisfactory, she's likely on the move, seeking out new sights, flavors, and sounds. She blogs at TheRoadsToRoam.com.

    5 Common Factors in Companies with Thriving Communities

    The Get Satisfaction office (the Satisfactory, our home base) is home to seven years of experience working with companies to build awesome customer communities. This expertise guides us in the art of community building. It provides us with insight into the types of companies that are going to thrive with community…as well as those that...
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    The Company-Customer Pact. Revisited.

    When Get Satisfaction launched in 2007, it was with the understanding that the way customers can and want to do business has shifted. The new paradigm meant companies had to open their doors and windows, providing their customers with unprecedented transparency, access, and communication. Then, even more so than now, that was a forward-looking idea....
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    5 Lessons from Companies with Adoring Customers

    There are some companies that have simply nailed the art of wowing their customers. They’ve figured out the formula for consistently delivering customer experiences that build loyalty, word-of-mouth, and general adoration. To truly inspire this type of customer devotion might not be an easy thing, but it’s absolutely a do-able one. These five steps will...
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    Lessons from the Masters of Content & Collaboration, TED-Ed

    How do you build a company that continually creates value, attracts smart people, and stands out for being exceptional? If you’re TED-Ed — the educational arm of TED that produces Lessons Worth Sharing — you do this by giving your audience a key role in your content, from concept, to production, to distribution (to learn...
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    How to Empower Customers for Success!

    Totango’s Customer Success Summit is taking place tomorrow, bringing together all kinds of thought leaders, practitioners, and general smarty pants to discuss the new model for Customer Success (you can live stream the event here). The speakers represent a powerful lineup from a broad swatch of companies and industries. It’s a heartening indication that companies...
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    Social Praise is Modern Customer Currency. (Earn It!)

    There’s a message we hear often from businesses who are considering, but haven’t yet invested in, community — will my customers really participate, answer each other’s questions, share their feedback, and give me their praise? The answer is, of course. Today’s customers understand that social feedback (both positive and negative) is the most valuable currency...
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