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    An update from Get Satisfaction on the Heartbleed Vulnerability

    You have probably heard news about a widespread security vulnerability, known as Heartbleed, that has potentially affected millions of websites and web application around the world. Heartbleed affects the OpenSSL framework, which is the standard used to encrypt data when your computer communicates with web servers over HTTPS. We take the security of our application...
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    Community Delivers on the Promise of CRM

    The promise of CRM was to allow businesses and customers to form better relationships — hence the name Customer Relationship Management. But did it deliver? Rahul Sachdev, Get Satisfaction CEO and Siebel veteran, argues no in his Fireside Chat on the state of community last week (watch the replay and discuss the subject with Rahul...
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    Giving Back at the Satisfactory

    Sometimes we get so busy with work and life that we forget about the people who are struggling all around us. We’d like to take our hats off to Shane Weiss, one of our leading account executives, for taking the initiative to help. He and his roommate, Josh Odenheimer, decided to start a shoe drive...
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    A Note From Get Satisfaction’s New CEO

    As the new CEO of Get Satisfaction, I want to take this opportunity to introduce myself, and share why I’m thrilled to lead this company (for a deeper conversation, join me in a Fireside Chat later this month). Over the years I have been a close follower of Get Satisfaction and deeply admired the unique...
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    Use Communication to Create a Culture of Trust and Collaboration

    This video is from our Deep Thoughts at Dreamforce Influencer series. Watch the other videos from the start of the series here.  “The gravitational pull is not towards collaboration. It is towards a competitive nature. It is towards win-lose, not win-win,” said Wendy Lea of Get Satisfaction. Collaboration doesn’t all of a sudden appear, said...
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