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    Get Satisfaction and FeverBee Launch Community Management Essentials, an On-Demand Professional Certification Course

    We are excited to announce Community Management Essentials. Together with FeverBee, we created a brand new certification course designed to create rockstar Community Managers! Community Management Essentials is a self-paced online course that can be completed in a matter of days. This on-demand certification program has been derived from FeverBee’s highly respected in-person course and...
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    Community IQ Webinar Recap- How Bluenose Analytics Built a Vibrant Thought Leadership Community

    We are very excited about the hot topic of our Community IQ webinar: Thought Leadership Communities! Let’s take a moment to define this business-jargon: “Thought leadership should be an entry point to a relationship. Thought leadership should intrigue, challenge, and inspire even people already familiar with a company. It should help start a relationship where...
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    Bluenose Analytics Builds a Vibrant Community for Customer Success Managers

    Bluenose Analytics is in a unique position as a new company with a new product in a new market: Customer Success Management (CSM). Early on Bluenose’s leadership team decided to create an active online community to support its growing customer success platform that helps SaaS businesses to manage customers through complete visibility. This is where...
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    Join Our Community IQ Webinar: How to Increase Brand Trust with Community-Generated Content

    Communities Affect Your Brand A hallmark of a successful community is high brand trust. That trust comes from content and conversations—especially when created by community members. But how do you get your members to participate? Mark your calendar for 10am PT on June 24, 2014! Registration is now open for this webinar called: How to...
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    10 Steps to a Thriving Customer Community

    We celebrated our 70,000th customer community last month. This is a big deal for those of us around here who still remember our roots as a scrappy company, built from the ground-up as a response to customer questions about our founders’ side project site, Valleyschwag. But we’re not just excited about 70,000 because of what...
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    9 Status Updates That Will Make Me Hide You on Facebook

    Our least favorite overshares.
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