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Community Managers are the Superheroes of Customer-obsessed Businesses

On Community Manager Appreciation Day last month, we discussed how Community Managers are the superheroes of their organizations. The reasons for this were obvious — their diplomacy, tact, judgment, and responsibility to both their customers and brand are unparalleled. But then last week we attended the CMX Summit in San Francisco, and our respect and...
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Happy CMAD to Community Managers, our Superheroes!

This cartoon is the first in a series of Community Management cartoons we’ll be posting every day this week, so check back in tomorrow! In this world, you have certain people who go above and beyond to be a special kind of incredible. In the past we’ve had Superman, Wonderwoman, The Silk Spectre, and Dr....
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Community Managers, Business Jugglers Extraordinaire

The world has never been so connected…and the same can be said for your business. While it once made sense to have distinct, distinguished silos in your company, today’s customers are using the tools available to them to reach out to you with their support needs, product ideas, and conversations that can conveniently be used...
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Community (not a Mind Reader) is the Best Source of Customer Feedback — #CMcartoon

In the old days, before social media drove an enormous shift in the way we do business, product teams had to get creative in their quest to prioritize and drive innovation. Surveys, focus groups, market research, tarot cards, and prophets were all fair game as far as getting inside the minds of the customer. The...
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A Community Manager’s Job is Never Done – #CMcartoon

On January 28th, in honor of Community Manager Appreciation Day (#CMAD), we launched our cartoon series on the value of  the community manager. Today we unveil our second cartoon and will keep extending our appreciation for the next few weeks, with a new cartoon on our blog every Monday. So let’s take the time to...
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