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Community Managers are the Superheroes of Customer-obsessed Businesses

On Community Manager Appreciation Day last month, we discussed how Community Managers are the superheroes of their organizations. The reasons for this were obvious — their diplomacy, tact, judgment, and responsibility to both their customers and brand are unparalleled. But then last week we attended the CMX Summit in San Francisco, and our respect and...
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A Note From Get Satisfaction’s New CEO

As the new CEO of Get Satisfaction, I want to take this opportunity to introduce myself, and share why I’m thrilled to lead this company (for a deeper conversation, join me in a Fireside Chat later this month). Over the years I have been a close follower of Get Satisfaction and deeply admired the unique...
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Extreme Networks’ CM Opens Up about Building a Community from Scratch

In the 30 years Enterasys Networks (now Extreme Networks) had been around, they had never had a customer community. For that matter, their social media marketing manager, Tamera Rousseau-Vesta, had never managed one. But the wireless networking company prided itself on being the type of collaborative, innovative company that moves mountains to make their customers happy,...
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10 Ways to Engage Your Customers Better

How do you keep a potential customer engaged through the entirety of a sales process that may last months or years? Or how do you keep a present customer engaged enough to look for you when they are looking to buy again? Effective customer engagement helps you keep your customers’ attention, and attract the eyes...
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Surviving the Social Haze

Since I recently hit a milestone in my tenure at Get Satisfaction, I’ve been reflecting on the last five years I’ve been here. Of course, this also means thinking about how much things have changed and — as the axiom goes — how much they have stayed the same. I wanted to share a few...
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