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Community Delivers on the Promise of CRM

The promise of CRM was to allow businesses and customers to form better relationships — hence the name Customer Relationship Management. But did it deliver? Rahul Sachdev, Get Satisfaction CEO and Siebel veteran, argues no in his Fireside Chat on the state of community last week (watch the replay and discuss the subject with Rahul...
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Individuals’ Self-Interest (Not Company-Interest) Governs Purchase Decisions

Five years ago Paul Greenberg, President of The 56 Group, learned a powerful business lesson from a customer. “The first thing you’re going to deal with at a company is always the politics,” said Greenberg quoting the customer who was working at a very large enterprise. “Every person you’re ever going to meet is going...
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Forrester: Enterprise Social Software Market Sizing

Forrester recently released a report that, among other things, forecast the size of the enterprise social software market to grow to $6.4b in 2016. Here is a link to the original publication, however a summary of the research can be found here. I tend to follow these markets and research like this is interesting to...
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Brands That Do Customer Service the Right Way

We’ve looked at the price of bad customer service, customer relations fiascoes, the fastest ways to lose customers and even what makes good customer service. Temkin asked 6,000 US consumers to rate their interactions with different brands and how they feel about their favorite (and least favorite) companies. Amazon at the top (again!). Subscribe to...
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Giant Steps Are What You Take, Walking in Your Customers’ Shoes

People talk about customer feedback more than ever before today. Proof point: there are thousands of feedback tabs on web sites these days, generating many millions of ideas and suggestions for businesses large and small. But how valuable is this feedback? Do customers really know more than the product developers who live and breathe their...
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