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Best Practices for Building a Voice of Customer Culture

Smart companies are wising up to the fact that they need to tap into the opinions and perspectives of their customers in order to stand out from the sensory overload brought on by the Internet era. When approached correctly, customer feedback can help businesses differentiate amongst the competition, bring more innovative products to market, and...
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How to Coax the Champion & Starve the Troll in Every Community

Communities are made of people, and people are complex! In the community management industry we talk about Trolls and Champions, and yes, there are some online contributors who are pure gold and others who are pure trouble. More often, however, the people talking about your brand online have it in them to be your biggest...
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Unleash the Community Effect to Transform Your Business [Infographic]

There’s something magical that happens when your company commits to the decision to launch a customer community. The conversations that happen there can be transformational for your business, as well as for your customers and prospects. Think about it. By investing in a community, you’re really investing in relationships with your customers. This is valuable...
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Six Ways to Attract a Fanatical Brand Following

In the age of social everything, word-of-mouth love from your customers is the best marketing you can ask for. Creating that kind of authentic, organic love between customers and brand can feel like a complex chemistry problem, but some companies are just.so.good.at it. You know who we mean—those companies whose customers rave about them, seek...
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Customer-Centric Companies Reap More Value

Customer-centric companies have already discovered the wisdom of bringing the voice of their customers to the middle of product discussions, marketing messages, and sales strategies—and they’ve been reaping the benefits by building products their customers actually want to buy, using messages that resonate, and leveraging brand advocates to create support and marketing content. But today’s...
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