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Breaking Out of the Mobile Binary

Mobility is no longer a dichotomous question of Android vs IOS. Rather, mobility has evolved along with your customers into a much broader category comprised of more channels and more entry points. Today’s customers are likely to begin a conversation with you on their phones as they search for helpful information on their way to work. They might...
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Mobile First, Second, and Third

I don’t have to tell you that the world is changing. While you probably remember the days when most objects had a single function, you’ve also likely noticed that your cell phone performs most of them now (wallet, watch, camera, check!). We’ve noticed too. The adoption of mobile everything has been so sudden and all-encompassing...
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The Impact of Mobile on our Corporate Strategy

Get Satisfaction Anywhere represents our pursuit to bring the power of relevant social conversations to any online touch point, and mobile touch points are an integral part of that vision. Consistent with this vision, we see Get Satisfaction as A highly connected and flexible platform, which is: Enabling valuable conversations between consumers and businesses of all...
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The Impact of Mobile on our Product Offerings

I have discussed the way mobile and, more generally, multi-screen interaction has shaped our design process. But beyond interaction design, mobility impacts the type of products we choose to build. Our product roadmap is influenced by whom we serve: Consumers, who use our platform to: Interact with each other and with brands Find answers, provide feedback,...
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The Impact of Mobile on Interaction Design

Get Satisfaction is a company about people and relationships, embodied by conversations within and between communities. We employ a user-centered approach in our design efforts, talking to people who play various roles in their Get Satisfaction communities to understand how they think about the community itself and the facilities they use to perform their work. This...
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