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The 2012 ‘Love Your Customers’ Awards #smw

After last month’s Community Manager Appreciation Day party and the release of our insights survey, we decided to keep the celebration going – and just in time for Valentine’s Day (and Social Media Week)! Presenting: The Love Your Customers awards celebrate daring feats of customer empowerment and support, the awards recognize companies and individuals for...
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Infographic: Let’s Get Down to Social Business

In the past few weeks we’ve taken a gander at trends like big data and the network effect. Let’s dive into the burgeoning world of Social Business. This new generation of technologies is rising up to meet a growing demand for connectivity and transforming all aspects of business. Amid the chaos, new markets and leaders will emerge. Journalists...
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9 Status Updates That Will Make Me Hide You on Facebook

Our least favorite overshares.
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PR Isn’t Dead – It Just Needs to Adapt

Adapt or die.
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Infographic: The Social Media Vacuum

It tweets what it eats.
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