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10 Ways to Engage Your Customers Better

How do you keep a potential customer engaged through the entirety of a sales process that may last months or years? Or how do you keep a present customer engaged enough to look for you when they are looking to buy again? Effective customer engagement helps you keep your customers’ attention, and attract the eyes...
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Dig Deeper Than Social Media Alone

Your social media presence is a great way to build an audience—it allows you to reach more people than ever before, makes it easy for them to see your reputation in the eyes of their social peers, and shows how responsive and helpful you are to your customers….all important deciding factors for social customers choosing ...
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Your Support Community is Also Your Best Marketing Audience

Here at ServiceRocket, we’ve found a hands-on, ear-to-the-ground approach to marketing is the best way to generate positive relationships with customers. The weight of marketing our brand is shared, not only amongst our marketing team, but with every member of our company. From engineering to support, training to licensing—it’s a task we all own. There...
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Get Satisfaction at the Social Shake Up!

The word of the week is social, as I head to Atlanta with our CEO, Wendy Lea, for Social Media Today’s Social Shake Up! Social Media Today is bringing together people from across the country for a conversation and (more importantly) a celebration of the way social media practitioners are transforming their organizations by creating new...
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The Data Behind How B2B Buyers Make Purchase Decisions

Our interest was peaked recently when we stumbled upon an Eloqua blog post about marketing stats and their sources. (Did you know that 90% of the data in the world was created in the last two years??) My favorite part about the newfound maturity of the social marketing industry (let’s call it young adult…) is that...
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