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The Most Unexpected Benefits from Customer Conversations

This post is part of the Deep Thoughts at Dreamforce Series of candid interviews with customer experience thought leaders. You can view the other videos in the series here. Your customers are holding onto a beehive of valuable information. The only way to get it out of them is to engage, and the best way to...
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Get Satisfaction at the Social Shake Up!

The word of the week is social, as I head to Atlanta with our CEO, Wendy Lea, for Social Media Today’s Social Shake Up! Social Media Today is bringing together people from across the country for a conversation and (more importantly) a celebration of the way social media practitioners are transforming their organizations by creating new...
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Five Secrets To Providing Customer Service that Kicks Butt

Sometimes I unfortunately think of customer service as a dying art form. I recently had a conversation with a friend who was surprised that a coffee barista genuinely asked him how his day was. Clearly, poor customer service is all too common today. Here at LKR, we strive to be the complete opposite of this...
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Social + Community for Maximum Engagement [Webinar April 2nd]

Hey guys! We’re hosting a webcast with Hootsuite & inMusic Brands next week, and it’s going to be a ton of fun! Join us to talk about how community and social media work together to amplify your brand and drive meaningful engagement and results. Hope you can make it! Register for the webinar April 2nd,...
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From Support to Social: 3 Easy Ways to Alter the Conversation

We created the Altru community to be a resource for our customers. It’s a place for them to connect with our support team and with each other. They can ask questions, report problems, and suggest ideas for our team. But thus far, we’ve been much better at connecting with them than having them connect with...
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