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5 Common Factors in Companies with Thriving Communities

The Get Satisfaction office (the Satisfactory, our home base) is home to seven years of experience working with companies to build awesome customer communities. This expertise guides us in the art of community building. It provides us with insight into the types of companies that are going to thrive with community…as well as those that...
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You Have No Choice But to Market through Conversation

This post is part of the Deep Thoughts at Dreamforce Series of candid interviews with customer experience thought leaders. You can view the other videos in the series here. “It’s not that customers’ expectations have changed, but that their expectations of having their expectations met have changed,” said Michael Fauscette, Group VP of the Software Business...
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Building a Social Business is an Inside Job

HootSuite CEO, Ryan Holmes, pointed out an interesting phenomenon recently—the Social Media Manager title is on the decline, slowing to 50% in the past year (down from the triple and even quadruple growth of years past).  It’s not that social media as a business strategy is dwindling in importance. It’s quite the opposite—it has become...
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The Top Trends Inspiring Community Adoption

Companies launch customer communities for all kinds of reasons—their customers have requested it, an executive heard about it at a conference she attended, or because one yielded great results at the last company they were with. Lately, however, there are certain common themes we hear from the companies who decide to build a community. These...
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Brian Solis Unpacks the What, Why, & How of Social Business

It’s easy to get stuck in the social media weeds. Keeping up with the latest listening, publishing, and engagement technologies is a full time job, as is convincing the C-suite to invest in them, and then measuring and reporting on the value. It’s not just the skeptical executive who scratches her head sometimes and asks...
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