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Dig Deeper Than Social Media Alone

Your social media presence is a great way to build an audience—it allows you to reach more people than ever before, makes it easy for them to see your reputation in the eyes of their social peers, and shows how responsive and helpful you are to your customers….all important deciding factors for social customers choosing ...
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Get Satisfaction at the Social Shake Up!

The word of the week is social, as I head to Atlanta with our CEO, Wendy Lea, for Social Media Today’s Social Shake Up! Social Media Today is bringing together people from across the country for a conversation and (more importantly) a celebration of the way social media practitioners are transforming their organizations by creating new...
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Surviving the Social Haze

Since I recently hit a milestone in my tenure at Get Satisfaction, I’ve been reflecting on the last five years I’ve been here. Of course, this also means thinking about how much things have changed and — as the axiom goes — how much they have stayed the same. I wanted to share a few...
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The ROI of Customer Relationships — #CMcartoon

Developing good customer relationships has been a key piece of a successful business strategy since long before the days of Facebook, customer communities, and Tweet chats. Whether it’s the store you go back to because the clerk always throws in a little something extra, the beer you buy because your uncle works at the brewery,...
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“Online Community Building is Now Mandatory,” and Other Thoughts on the Trust Barometer

We loved Ifdy Perez’s post, “Edelman’s Trust Barometer: You can’t Ignore Social Media Anymore,” on the Vocus blog last week. For one thing, it calls out the importance of adopting social media and community as key pieces of building trust, engagement, and loyal, long-lasting relationships with customers. The Edelman finding that the top four trust...
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